Xm radio stuck on updating Live webcam chat 1 on 1 adult

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Xm radio stuck on updating

When that first song ends and the next song begins, the text will update with the new artist & song title.Following that, when the third song begins, the text will display either the name of the new song but still display the last artist (or band's) name, or the text will display the current artist or band name, but not update the song name.If I toggle to any other screen (nav, climate, energy) then toggle back to the radio then the text will update to both the current song name and artist.Otherwise, it will stay stuck for every subsequent song.

Sometimes only the artist updates, and sometimes neither artist or song updates. I believe I solved both problems by turning the car off, removing fuse 2 out of the driver side fuse box and putting it back in.Yesterday, a day or two after the subscription ran out, I called them and activated a subscription, gave them the receiver ID info, etc.About 6 months ago I put the radio in a base to see if it sill worked and to my surprise it was still activated.I've noticed since I got my Volt back from the dealer last week, when on XM, the song / artist take a while to update (if they update at all), unless I change channels and change back. To me it's just a bonus as I've never seen this capability before and have gotten along fine without it up to now.I don't have any issues in any other mode, so I was assuming it was an XM issue... So if it screws up a little I'm not going to stress. Someone asked what stations I'm seeing it happen on- at risk of revealing my across-the-map taste, I"m seeing it on: Deep Tracks 80's on 8 Underground Garage Classic Vinyl I noticed this problem also along with another problem.

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