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From 1975 to 1992, rebels in Mozambique starved and killed tens of thousands of civilians.They destroyed schools and health clinics in an effort to overturn the government.As the Cold War ground to a halt, an agreement was finally reached to hold free elections.In 1990, Namibia—as the new country was called—celebrated independence.South Africa supported a rival Chapter 36group, supplying weapons and troops.The United States, too, tried to undermine the Soviet-backed government.Wars Continue Independence did not end the fighting in Angola and Mozambique.

Nelson Mandela, the national hero who became president in 1994, has turned down a second term. All of South Africa holds its breath to see what happens. Afler you return to the United States, your editor asks you to write an article comparing the attitudes toward democracy and elections in South Africa and in the United States.

For years, SWAPO guerrillas battled South African troops.

The struggle became part of the Cold War, with the Soviet Union and Cuba lending their support to SWAPO.

When you arrive at the polling station at 8 a.m., you find a line of voters stretching for more than two miles.

Republic of Namibia Namibia For more information about Namibia since independence, use the Internet address above to link to the official Web site of the Republic of Namibia.

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