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That is when I realized that she was one of the ladies who was going to make the show a success and I found her to be extremely captivating.

Not only did she bring a unique perspective to her cast, but she was really an individual in the most general sense.

Integrity Bank’s directors were sued this year by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.

for an alleged lack of oversight in lending Najjar, among others, so much money.

When he appeared on Teen Cribs, Lee and his family were living in a million mansion in Buckhead at the time. I also found this article from 2011 about how he lost a lot of his fortune:https:// Pfm Gp Gjbiixe Jb Vl TOBO/It’s long but here’s an excerpt: Then the economy tanked.

Najjar lost Union Station Mall in south Fulton County to foreclosure in January, other holdings went a similar route, and one of the city’s most flamboyant characters came crashing down — facing a bitter, off-camera reality.“He’s lost his empire,” said Linda Johnson, Union City zoning commission co-chairwoman and Green Manor restaurant manager.

But you know what, I’m happier than I’ve been in a long time.

When I first started watching Real Housewives of Atlanta , I wasn't sure what to expect from Kim Zolciak.

The harsh reality is when you look at your relationship after so many years and it’s not what you thought, it’s very devastating. When the bank failed in August 2008, it cost the FDIC about 1 million. Here’s this bad synthetic wig wearing single mom of two, fake nurse who can still pull a mildly attractive and successful man to fund her existence?That’s some serious goal digger goals and I gotta give her props when props are do.Everybody has been fantastic but it’s unfortunate that it takes a tragedy to bring us all together. ZOLCIAK: He actually called me last week and I never called him back, which sucks. I hated that people have this bad impression of him because he had so many children. ZOLCIAK: I’ve joined with a company called Pop Wigs who will manufacture and distribute the wigs. I’m working on everything from trademarking to the packaging. I found out that I was still on the same merry-go-round.We were able to put all our stuff on the back burner and come together for Kandi. He was a great father and he was great with Riley [Kandi’s 7-year-old daughter] and he loved Kandi. I’m really proud of the wigs, so by December people will be able to do pre-orders and we can send them out by January. If there is one thing I have discovered about myself from doing this show it is that I’m just far too trusting. I have no desire to have anything further with him.

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Not much is known about the OG Kim, aka Kimberly Najjar, though according to Lee's Instagram, it appears the couple is still together and live in Greece. Yes, Kimberly and Lee Najjar have two children together — Katelin Najjar, who is now a blogger with a decent social media following, and Jeremy Najjar. In 2009, the Najjar family was featured on an episode of Teen Cribs in which Lee Najjar showed off his lavish lifestyle.