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It also makes me cry because that’s the place I want to get in regards to my own body image. Imogen Heap “The Moment I Said It” – This song doesn’t make me cry until near the end, when Imogen starts getting lyrically worked up.The song builds passionately and sadly to a breaking point and it makes me tear up each time.The band was featured her future collaborator Guy Sigsworth who was a fronted by the singer Alexander Nilere but she was a side and guest vocalist but she contributed to Acacia single and album tracks.In 2002, she started collaborating with Guy Sigsworth and then them establishing the collaborative project Frou Frou.Beyond that, as I said, the song in itself is both sad and lovely at the same time. Hinder “Lips of an Angel” – I honestly have no idea why this song makes me cry.I think it has something to do with the singer and the girl he’s singing to obviously still wanting to be together.She has released her own three solo albums in 2009 that is Ellipse which was her latest album which helped her to get success in the North American chart and she was also awarded Granny Awards for Best Engineered Album and Non-Classical through that album.She is currently single at the time and she has been in one celebrity relationship approximately 6.2 years but she has never been married.

I’ve gotten over that, though, and now just cry when I hear this song instead. During my final year of college, I co-directed at my college and this was our introductory song when the ladies would walk out on the stage. Arie talks about how she feels that her body is perfect despite all its flaws and imperfections.Imogen Heap was born on 9th December 1977, Havering, East London, England. She is a Musician, singer-songwriter, visual artist.She started playing music from an early age she learned how to play piano, cello, and clarinet in her early age.She was introduced with Nik Kershaw by his manager, Mickey Modern.She and her friend which was Kershaw recorded four demos that Mickey took to Rondor Music.

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Despite the fact that I’m no longer a Christian, I still believe in a higher power and in angels, so this song always hits close to home when it talks about someone watching over the singer. Fergie “Big Girls Don’t Cry” – Again, I’m not sure why this song makes me cry.