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Despite dozens upon dozens of acting credits that stretch nearly 20 years, the queer aspect of Shawkat's art is relatively new.She's best known for playing Maeby Fünke in Arrested Development, Lila on Transparent, and Dory Sief on TBS's critical darling Search Party.To be harmonious with relationships is something I'm still figuring out. I got more attention from projects I did; there would be younger girls — I'd start to notice more attention from them.PS: Did your experience with being a public figure change at all after you came out? I also was introduced to this whole new world because I had come out as bisexual . But also I think I start paying more attention to them as well, and people that I wanted to maybe make more art for.It wasn't until Shawkat began a deeper exploration of self in her personal life that the gender flip of her fictional love, Sergio, manifested as the best way to tell the story.Shawkat has found herself in a powerful new position as the year rolls on, becoming a beacon of representation for queer women both on screen and in real life. It's not as simple as just putting queer women in stories, but figuring out more focused ways to depict them.

So it's been definitely still a learning experience. Figuring out how to have good relationships and have sex.It's not as basic as just being a bisexual, Arab-American woman in entertainment, but fostering spaces of safety, respect, and empowerment for others therein.Just in time for LGBTQ Pride Month, we spoke to Shawkat about being public about her bisexuality, her delicate work on Duck Butter, and her continued efforts to honor the #Me Too movement in as many different ways as she can. it's interesting, like friends of mine were sending me photos.When it comes to actor Alia Shawkat's sexuality, the past few years have been a revelation.Perhaps not in private; when we spoke on the phone in early June, she told me she's been aware of her own queerness for a long time.

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PS: Do you remember when the thought dawned on you?

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