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Recognizing those two contradictory longings, and simultaneously being able to effectively communicate them, is a tall order.

How might you tell someone you love, ”I need you but I don’t want you, can’t have you, near me right now,” without causing damage to the relationship?

Moreover, these changes in self-esteem can be enduring.

Meaning, once the physiological reasons for the dysfunction resolves, the emotional and psychological damage accrued might persist, perpetuating the issue.

The numbness and/or irritability that develops can result in a lack of desire for touch or emotional connectivity of any kind, even with someone they know loves them.

There is a competing desire for being alone while also needing to know that someone cares is present.

Sexual health is a state of physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being in relation to sexuality, and good sexual health results in better quality of life. For many veterans and service members, having a conversation about sexual performance is laden with shame.

Still, intimacy for veterans with psychological symptoms related to combat exposure is more than just challenging. Those with PTSD are 30 times more likely to have erectile dysfunction.

The 'broken vet’ stereotype aside, there are pronounced Western societal expectations of masculinity and virility when it comes to our fighting men (and women, for that matter).

With PTSD already a highly stigmatized disorder and diagnosis, sexual dysfunction may feel particularly like insult to injury and impact already unstable self-esteem.

There are females in the military, darling, and like men we go to combat. Used ‘darling’ as a means to mock me and make yourself feel superior 3. And insulted those with intellectual disabilities by using a pejorative term, I’m going to take the time to respond.

If you think that killing someone or seeing someone die right before you doesn't affect the intimacy of females then you, and everyone who thinks the same, is a A certified idiot with the mental abilities of a retarded toddler. I’d encourage you to go back and read the article, especially this part: “Data on female veterans with combat-related PTSD is more limited, yet it suggests they experience similar difficulties.” The article then goes onto explain those difficulties in an intentionally non-gendered way.

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Therefore, breaking the cycle, reconditioning, or interrupting this learning pattern poses a whole host of other challenges.

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