Validating test questions

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It’s worth bearing in mind that as with anything in life, people’s thoughts and opinions are often just that, so it’s your job to analyse the kind of feedback people give you and understand if it’s useful or not in the context of the project. Invariably you will have users whose attitudes vary from the extremely positive to the extremely negative, and everything in between.

Users may also have pre-conceived notions and attitudes toward the product that might not have anything to do with your work at this point, and again it’s your job to understand that and facilitate discussion and feedback in a healthy, progressive way regardless.

Complaint is perhaps a bit of a negative term, but for the purposes of the spreadsheet it’s easy to understand.

These comments might look like this -Often you will have multiple questions and their corresponding answers, so it makes sense to organise these on a separate sheet to our other feedback.

The above statement relates to an article by the Nielson Norman group.

Tasks that users will be able to complete are obviously platform specific, but here are some examples of the format tasks may follow - for general feedback from users is not a good approach to user testing, opening up the floor for people’s thoughts and opinions can prove useful.You can create wireframes in all major design software, but for low fidelity wireframes in particular i’d recommend Balsamiq.Their drag and drop library of low fidelity components makes it quick and easy to build layouts for testing and refinement.When trying to validate and test your wireframes it’s important to consider who’s testing them and providing feedback.While input from clients and stakeholders is certainly useful from a strategic standpoint, the people providing feedback on your product should ideally be the people using it and if that’s not possible, then a sample of people from the same demographic.

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When validating ideas i’ll often use the following structure -You will also need to communicate how and when users should do this.