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Validating and improving test case effectiveness

Thus, the capability of the test case used for a program test to detect errors can be evaluated. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to program test technology and, more particularly, to a method and apparatus for evaluating the effectiveness of a test case used for a program test. Discussion of Related Art Conventional embedded systems are mostly employed for simple repetitive work, but they have recently been applied in more various fields, for example, portable phones, automobiles, medical equipment, and various electronic devices.

In addition, since the safety of embedded systems significantly affects the commercial availability of products, not only development and production processes, but also inspection processes are accepted as critical.

In other words, the test case is executed on a test target program irrespective of the error detection capability of the test case, so that the test case is only evaluated depending on whether the test case performs all source codes of the test target program or all branch statements of the test target program.

Especially, in the case of a device driver, content to be tested and detected errors vary with the usable environment of an embedded system including the device driver.

The present invention is directed to a method and apparatus for evaluating the effectiveness of a test case on the basis of error detection capability.

One aspect of the present invention provides a method for evaluating effectiveness of a test case.

Accordingly, it is important to evaluate the effectiveness of the test case used for the program test.

However, a conventional program test is performed without evaluating the capability of a test case to detect errors.

Also, the error program generator 102 may receive at least one type of error among predetermined types of errors, input the received types of errors to the target program, and generate an error program.

Errors to be input to the target program may include, for example, an ambiguity error and a contradiction error.

The ambiguity error may be transferred to at least two states when an equal incident occurs under an equal condition, and the contradiction error describes impossible conditions.

For brevity, a description of various other errors that may occur in programs will be omitted here.

However, the above-described ambiguity error and contradiction error will now be described in detail with specific examples.

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The target program is used for evaluating the test case.