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Updating furnace filter

They don't anymore you got the expected life out of it) Yea, XE70s love to split open their heat exchanger.

Boss had one, the guys watched that sucker like a hawk til one of them found cracks!

It’s possible they put in a fuse that was too small to handle the capacity of your heating system. Again, if you haven’t had your furnace maintained in a few years, the parts may be dirty.

This could happen if your furnace is tucked up in a crawl space somewhere. Learn more: Don’t Let Furnace Water Leaks Ruin Your Holiday Did you allow a less-than-qualified person to try to service your furnace?It may take some time to find the problematic wire, but fixing or replacing the loose wire will take care of this problem.To prevent this problem in the future, make sure you have your system regularly inspected and tuned up, to keep those wires tightened and prevent shorts.Find out more from our helpful guide: HVAC Preventative Maintenance Contracts: How to Find the Right One for Your HVAC Infrastructure.We need to change our air filter for our Trane XE70 heater after fumigation, but we accidentally threw away the old air filter before taking a picture of it. Each model of the XE 70 furnace may take a different size of air filter. This being said you should really think about updating your furnace as your furnace is very old and possibly unsafe.

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