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The architecture of the gold standard and the reach of British imperial power were important prerequisites for this.

But it was the scale, power, and international reach of its private financial sector that made London preeminent.

Nor was this financial hegemony a completely virtual presence.

of New York (£47m), was evident through their role in industrial financing, in which they directly competed with the preeminent investment banks, a group led by the indomitable J. Morgan & Co., but which also included Kidder Peabody & Co., Lee Higginson & Co., Kuhn, Loeb & Co., Speyer & Co., and J. Within national war efforts, one can distinguish between the fiscal, debt-related, and monetary aspects of war finance.This required raising interest rates and keeping the total volume of money and credit under control, often with contractionary effects.The other responsibility was to act as a lender of last resort for their banking system by supplying emergency liquidity.Generally, a few specialized and extremely international investment banks would operate at the apex of the financial hierarchy, below which a core group of large joint-stock or universal banks combined capital and money market functions; these market-makers, who brought together suppliers and buyers of credit, would in turn be connected to a larger nation-wide network of regional savings banks and trusts, and would also draw on the services of a diverse array of moneylenders, stockbrokers, discount and acceptance houses, and insurers.The financial ecosystem of Paris centered around the banques d’affaires: the Crédit Lyonnais (at £113m in 1913, the largest financial institution in the world), the Société Générale (£95m), and the Comptoir National d’Escompte de Paris (£75m), which competed with a coterie of older but smaller hautes banques focused on government finance and foreign investment in real assets around the world.

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The article sets out the basic elements of the pre-war financial system and its global dynamics; examines the different modes of war finance adopted by the belligerents; considers the Central Powers and the Entente as financial alliances operating in the global monetary system; describes the interaction of public and private entities; and surveys the long-term consequences of war finance on the world economy.

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