Three weeks dating

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Three weeks dating

She started off with a few texts saying she thought I was a bad guy who didn’t care about her and only wanted sex.She then sent me a message no man wants to receive: “I was scared when I’m not let u fck me maybe you angry and kill me”. I thought back and was pretty sure I’d done nothing to give her that impression.Strangely, this flakiness wasn’t due to a lack of enthusiasm to meet, which is how I’d interpret it at home.They were still interested, just at a different time.She does have a tendency to get embarrassingly drunk though.A few nights after we met, she dropped a bombshell on me.Some girls who seemed really enthusiastic to meet only a few weeks earlier, didn’t return my messages after arrival. I didn’t even need to contact any new women post-arrival, as there were so many already in the queue.

However, all the women I met told me they receive many messages a day, so it’s easy to get lost in the noise of guys spamming them.Of course, this takes a little time and effort to achieve.But I’ve done it as a tourist visiting for a couple of weeks every few months.All of them are, to my eyes at least, more physically attractive than most go-go girls.There’s also the added bonus of having a girl who is there because she genuinely likes you. I have a choice of attractive women who will share my bed at no charge on any given night.

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They flooded me with encouraging messages, even after having just cancelled a date. Sometimes, I think Thai women only date so they’ll have someone to send messages to.