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Talk to sluts without signup

I don't know her (and of course, she's still a great talent, you can't take it away from her).

I do, however, tend to question the situation she's been put in. It's more like "I wonder who's terrible idea it was to diminish Leann Rimes in such a way?

There’s a fascinating double-edged sword that comes out of the sheath when it comes to talking about women creators.

On the one hand, there’s an attitude that we should unreservedly support female artists.

Should we talk about how things like, for example, the way gender performance in pop culture plays a role in how we perceive gender in real life?

Absolutely we should, but the scrutiny applied to female creators of pop culture seems to run much deeper to me.

This often feeds people who are not feminist and decide that since feminists said it was OK, they have carte blanche to trash female creators and to use really hateful language when doing so.

The polarization that surrounds discussions about works of pop culture created by women can sometimes make it really hard to fairly and honestly critique female creators.

Being a woman does not make you immune from criticism when your work is problematic.Still, I totally understand that having a problem with a particular artist simply for being too naked or not feminist enough or whatever is not cool.For example, can we please talk about Leann Rimes's appearance on last night's episode of "America's Got Talent"?!?!We must be able to discuss art without attacking the creator or engaging in endless prurient speculation about the creator’s gender identity, sexual orientation, ability status, and other personal matters.I do think that there are some things in the personal lives of creators that are relevant to their work—take Roman Polanski, for example.

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That they deserve a pass on some things because they are trying to make it in a difficult industry, and that it’s antifeminist to criticize female creators at all.

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