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it's preferable to have this configurable option in sophos central similar to the flexibility the updating policies in sophos enterprise console provided vs adding ACL's to routers to force this behavior at the network level.

All of our corporate PCs have Sophos installed, but we're getting complaints about slow network speed and boot times from the users.

^JG [Release Notification] Sophos Email - Data Loss Prevention EAP is Live!

The Update Cache does not: First of all, you must install Sophos Endpoint to Server, I’m using Windows Server 2008 R2 for my environment, e.g.Hi There, Would you please check in the log viewer and see the reason behind Email being queued?If you're not able to find it, please create a case with Sophos Support…Click on the server that you want to set up as the Update Cache, then click Set Up Cache/Relay.In this tutorial I will install both Update Cache and Message Relay.

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The page lists the current software version and available software updates.