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Someone unfamiliar with the program being patched may install a patch using a patch utility created by another person who is.

Even when the source code is available, patching makes possible the installation of small changes to the object program without the need to recompile or reassemble.

He currently oversees GFI Lan Guard, a successful network security scanning and patch management solution.

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Cristian Florian is product manager at GFI Software.

Often patches come with performance improvements for the products they apply to, or fix crashes.

Helping employees get rid of these issues will lead to a productivity boost. In the majority of cases the worst effect of malware is not the stealing of company sensitive data, but rather the downtime that badly affects productivity.

The effect varies from congested networks or slowed down systems because of malware activity, to breakdowns of business critical applications and to systems which are totally compromised and need to be reinstalled from scratch.

Patches for proprietary software are typically distributed as executable files instead of source code.

When executed these files load a program into memory which manages the installation of the patch code into the target program(s) on disk.

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In some special cases updates may knowingly break the functionality or disable a device, for instance, by removing components for which the update provider is no longer licensed.

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