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An app can crash randomly in the middle of using it, which is probably more common, or it can crash immediately after you launch it.The problem I was facing was the latter, where it was just not possible to use the app.Let me know if any of these solutions helped in resolving your app crashing problem.Samsung Galaxy On5, released on 2015 November built with a 5-inch display, 8 MP primary camera and 1.5 gigs of RAM and priced at Rs. Galaxy On5 is a mid-range mobile with considerable features which also supports external SD.

I realized it yesterday when I had an app that I wanted to use, kept crashing on me.

You can launch the app to see if it fixes the crashing issue.

If none of the methods mentioned above help in resolving the app crashing issue, then contact the app developer to see if they have a solution to fix the issue.

In some cases, the app crashing issue has only got resolved after installing a major i OS software update i.e.

upgrading from i OS 8.x.x to i OS 9, which is usually after Apple releases a major software update.

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While most apps are backward compatible, you can try installing the latest version of i OS to see if resolves any compatibility issues.

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