Radioactive dating dinosaur bones

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Radioactive dating dinosaur bones

Members of the Paleochronology group presented their findings at the 2012 Western Pacific Geophysics Meeting in Singapore, August 13-17, a conference of the American Geophysical Union (AGU) and the Asia Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS).

But in 2014, someone told the director of the facility, Jeff Speakman, that the Paleochronology group was showing the Carbon-14 reports on a website and You Tube and drawing the obvious conclusions.

Due to this, it is not possible to do carbon dating at home unless you happen to have a mass spectrometer lying around. The half lives of carbon isotopes are derived by studying their radioactive decay.

For carbon dating, the isotope used is Carbon-14, which has a half life of 5,700 years.

It's accuracy has been verified by using C-14 to date artifacts whose age is known historically.

The fluctuation of the amount of C-14 in the atmosphere over time adds a small uncertainty, but contamination by "modern carbon" such as decayed organic matter from soils poses a greater possibility for error. Thomas Seiler, a physicist from Germany, gave the presentation in Singapore.

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Consequently, we are no longer able to provide radiocarbon services in support of your anti-scientific agenda.

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