Place to hook up and cybersex

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I’d seen him at some of his most vulnerable moments and knew what he was going to like.

I stayed mostly clothed, but I still felt unsure of what I should say (if anything), and I was definitely uncomfortable with him seeing me in such an intimate moment in broad daylight before we had even fooled around IRL, so I followed his lead.

Before I even got home that night, he started texting me, and within a few days, he tried to switch our digital conversations from sweet to sexual: “When we go to the movies, can you wear a skirt?

I want you to sit on my lap in the theater and see what happens.”I was a little shocked, but definitely curious.

By the end of the night, he had asked to take me out as soon as possible, and we had kissed and exchanged numbers.

We were at a bar, and he was semi-cute, but very charming and funny.

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After the first time, we started having cybersex frequently, both of us getting more comfortable and pushing the limits of fantasy to things I had never fathomed. But at the same time, I was getting jealous and attached, and couldn’t help but feel used; we still weren’t hanging out offline.