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After being separated since February (February 21, 2014), Patton has finally pulled the trigger on her marriage to Robin Thicke and has filed for divorce.

Thicke met actress Paula Patton all the way back in 1991 at the mere age of fourteen.

Patton, a former president of her high school’s Black Student Union, didn’t want to take Thicke to her prom fearing harsh judgment.

Facing this slight awkwardness at first, the two decided to put their differences aside and pursue each other regardless.

A photo of Thicke with socialite Lana Scolaro went viral after the VMA’s with his hand gripping her butt.

The couple remained strong and loving in interviews but announced in February 2014 that they had separated.

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It’s pretty clear that Paula Patton and Robin Thicke are not getting back together despite Thicke’s countless attempts at winning back his wife’s heart.

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