Parental influence on dating

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Parental influence on dating

It was also found that this negative effect was exacerbated by perceived low social support, demonstrating that elements outside of the bullying environment interact with this peer influence.

This study used a large and representative sample meaning that the results are likely to be highly generalisable.

It was also reported that a significant long term relationship existed between a father’s neglectful parenting approach and delinquency in male children.

This gender-specific influential relationship can be compared to the strong gender-specific role model effect predicted by social learning theory.

Parents and peers can also influence child development in unique ways.

For example, through different parenting styles or through peer pressure.

Sociometric status can be defined as how liked or disliked a child is by his or her classmates and peers (Asher and Dodge, 1986) and has been linked to numerous aspects of development.

Although they are warm and child-centred in their approach, they also have a lack of parental control.

Finally, neglectful parents are neither demanding nor responsive, typically demonstrating complete un-involvement.

It was found that children who observed a adult role model acting physically and verbally violent to a ‘Bobo’ doll were significantly more likely to also act violent toward the doll.

Furthermore, it was found that boys were more likely to act violently after observing male adult models than female adult models and would engage in more violent acts that girls.

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Parenting styles have been found to have an effect on adolescents’ achievement strategies (Aunola, Stattin and Nurmi, 2000), with adolescents with authoritative parents demonstrating the most positive strategies and adolescents with neglectful parents demonstrating the most maladaptive strategies.