Negative statistic on online dating Crosex date

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Negative statistic on online dating

Out of the remaining 81%, 27% of those say they have used one previously.

The stigma with Tinder is that it’s just for flings and less serious relationships, and this tends to fit with the outlook of a lot of younger daters.Probably the most astounding figure at least to us was that almost 20% of people are talking to 11 or more people at the same time.We’re not mad; we’re just impressed at how much they can juggle and keep straight at the same time.For those of you ladies out there that say Tinder is just a big sausage fest, you’re right.Just over 67% of the users on Tinder as per a recent study are said to be men. Sure, it only takes one person to be the right one, but that is definitely a significant variation amongst the sexes.

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