Mouseover intimidating shout macro

Posted by / 30-Aug-2019 14:55

Garwulf: How much do you utilize Tranquilizing Shot, and what are the buffs you’re always sure to try and knock off?

Also, Focus Fire will most of the time be at 5 stacks, but also grants my pet focus.

Also, I am curious as to why you macro Focus Fire with Cobra Shot?

Why not manually activate it when needed, or when it’s fully buffed at 5 stacks?

I’ve gone into the reasons for that in this post (

However, since you’re obviously more of an accomplished Pv P’er than I am, I’d like to learn why these two talents are useful in Pv P.

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I find Killing Streak a lot more useful than having 10 more focus — it doesn’t give me anything to have 10 more focus if I’m always below 100 anyway.