Med school and dating

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Med school and dating

From their reaction, I could sense there was subtle agreement.

However, after saying that I had an impressive record, they again tried to emphasize how “competitive” was medical school.

When I checked my calendar to pick a new meeting time I noticed the medical school interview which I had, in fact, completely forgotten about.

Since the school was only a 45-minute drive away, so I decided what the heck.

I applied to 19 medical schools including two state schools. By the time I got past my third interview, I knew I was in trouble. Here are a few examples of what I was told: 4) “If you were a black female we could accept you.” 5) “We have found that students from schools like yours have higher grades than more competitive schools.” When I pointed out that my MCAT schools were well above the acceptance average of that particular school, all I got was a blank stare. Just after college, I started dating a girl who was one year behind me earning a bachelor’s in nursing.

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I was graduating from a small branch of my state university with a bachelor’s in chemistry when I first applied to medical school. There were no physicians in my family, but I became interested in medicine after I was impressed with a surgeon who had operated on my shoulder.

I had a better-than-the-medical-school-acceptance-rate average on my grades and MCAT scores, stellar recommendations and tons of extracurriculars, so I was confident.

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