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I spent so much time trying to figure out what was going on with this book that I have no clue what was actually going I did not enjoy this book.

Maybe a teenager would enjoy this book but to me it was just a string of non-sensical phrases.

Dating Down is told from the perspective of Sam Henderson, a shy high school senior who paints. The book starts with Sam telling us that this is about a boy, who won't be named, and who we'll call only with X.

Dating Down chronicles her crush on X, the hipster-boho college-aged barista on the coffee shop she frequents, and their imminent relationship. Sam is affronted by this but she eventually comes around to it and even starts using herself.

This book suprised me and I actually liked it a lot.

I can see it will be a style that people either love or hate.

Samantha Henderson thought it is love already with this guy she met in a coffee shop. But when Samantha started losing things and people that really matter, she must re-think if Love is what she’s really feeling. I guess Dating Down worked for me because even thought it was written in verse (which I am a fan of) it was relatable. I kept up with her struggles, her confusion and I was glad that she sought everything out before it was too late.

why did you bro– I mean, you will relate to this book ;) If you don’t have, CONGRATS PLS FIND THE RIGHT GUY AND READ THIS TO FIND OUT ALL ABOUT EX. She started falling in love even though friends started saying he’s trouble. But Samantha is falling in love so she refuses to see it.It all started out cute and sweet and sure, I was actually swooning because X is definitely smooth. Sam has been dealing with her mom's death, her father's eventual second marriage, the changes in her father and his lack of time for her, expectations, and quite possibly the one that nags her the most -- not living. Short and Sweet: I'm developing a huge weakness for books told in poetic form, and this one goes right on my list of ones to recommend for that!She feels like she's not living life to the fullest and she sees X as her getaway to do exactly this. While Sam gets lost in X's world, she's been ditching her friends April and Gavin, her sister duties to Melanie, her painting for her application for art school, and her father's campaign. I am a cut abovepriority mailmy own masterpieceexecutive platinumfiner than bone chinablue ribbon-worthysenior level VIPleading lady material I am all that and a sister-daughter-friend bag of chips... It's a wonderful and emotional story that reads super quickly. Samantha, "Sam", Henderson is exhausted with keeping up good girl appearances for her father's politicial campaign.I spent so much time trying to figure out what was going on with this book that I have no clue what was actually going on. Some of the poetry was good but the rest just lacked emotional impact.I usually enjoy verse novels but I'm lukewarm about this one.

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