Joan jett cherie currie dating

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Joan jett cherie currie dating

You can survive anything if you believe in yourself. The only reason why anybody ever gets into anybody else’s business is either because they’re afraid or they don’t believe they can do it themselves so they have to stop their friends or loved ones from pursuing their dreams. People are missing out on who they are because they have this public forum that they can just ask any Tom, Dick or Harry, ‘Should I do this or should I do that? Go out, take a hike, go in the mountains somewhere, or camp for a few days.We’ve become a mediocre society because of Facebook and all these social sites where everybody has to ask permission or ask everybody’s opinion on whatever issue. Ask yourself this important question: Why am I here? Because the answer is there, and it’s been there since the day you were born. But the thing is — I’m glad that I see through the bulls — t.There’s just so much noise that we allow to come in and drown out all those things. People would really like themselves if they just let themselves get to know who they are. If we stopped looking at all the negative and looked at the positive of all of it, what a different world we’d live in. I deal on Facebook with people writing, ‘She doesn’t deserve to be singing. She doesn’t deserve to ever be on the stage again.’ It’s like, ‘My God, you can’t be serious.’As much as social media can be fun and a good business tool, some people should never have a soapbox to stand on. I know so many people don’t and that’s what worries me. Hiking in the mountains with my son would be a very perfect day. In this business people forget why they’re where they are.For the longest time I refused to get an i Phone or even allow Internet on any phone [laughs]. I’m just so glad that my son is grown now because I can’t imagine how some of these young kids have to deal with cyber bullies. They’re there because the fans cared enough to put them there.

He’s never forgiven himself for that because he wished so much that he would have let John hold him.

In 2010 the punk rockers were immortalized by Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning on celluloid, reviving interest in Currie’s musical aspirations.

She experienced a tentative return to recording with digital singles “Some Velvet Morning” and the piston pumpin’ “Rock This Christmas Down“ three years later, the latter a fun duet with longtime friend and former band mate Lita Ford, best known as the lead guitarist in the Runaways., Currie’s third solo album and first in an astonishing 35 years, was self-distributed quietly in 2015.

It’s gotta be a thousand times better than what they expected. I don’t do anything in this life half-assed because it’s gonna be around long after I’m gone.

I also want to leave this world not hurting anybody and not doing anything selfishly for myself.

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I’m astounded at how many people rip other people off and steal. I’ve been very lucky that my fans have enabled me to experience a degree of success as an artist in various forms.