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Jewish dating rules

There are a lot of stereotypes and myths related to Jewish dating. Nothing much has changed in that department over the last 4,000 years.

The rules of traditional Jewish that define who is a Jew are still the same. If you want to guess, it probably relates to the fact that you can more easily and definitively prove the connection between a child and its mother than between a child and its father. So you need to be born of a Jewish mother to be considered Jewish.

Be sure to be family friendly on your date, otherwise your chutzpah might not be so kosher.

Singles going on a Jewish date value making a lasting bond and are looking for a long-term relationship. It is an added responsibility to carry at the first meeting, but at the same time there is a sense of security knowing that both of you are interested and serious about dating.

), or maybe you just think you would be more successful in dating and marriage if you joined the tribe (or a member of the tribe). In this series of pages we’re making it our mission to set you straight (no pun intended) regarding everything you want to know about this subject. For thousands of years, probably close to 4,000, since the patriarch Abraham began his grand nation building project, the Jewish People have stuck to their own when it comes to marriage.

Whatever the reason we’ve decided to try and clarify things for you a bit. Sure things were a little fluid the days of the Patriarchs, but once Jacob and his 12 sons went down to Egypt for a few hundred years of bondage, and certainly after the Exodus, marrying exclusively Jewish was a requirement set in stone (literally).

There are Jews of all different colors from all parts of the globe.

If you stroll through practically any Israeli city you’ll come across Jews that are black (usually Ethiopian), Asian, Indian, Arab and yes, Caucasian.

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If you want to become Jewish you need to go through a conversion process.

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