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"with "Arab" as an ethnicity meaning of or related to the people of the Arabian peninsula", citation needed, the Arab article does no specify this. "it should just be Palestinian citizens of Israel tbh", this is addressed in the article, there are Arab citizens of Israel that reject the Palestinian label.I'll wait for Because the Arabs article covers more than an ethnicity, it covers a panethnicity that spans a geographical area and includes several distinct ethnic groups.

The current restrictions are: After being warned, discretionary sanctions can be used against any editor who repeatedly or seriously fails to adhere to the purpose of Wikipedia, any expected standards of behaviour, or any normal editorial process.Jerusalem Post: "..the coalition, which no Arab party has ever done"; Haaretz: "While no Arab party has ever joined the government"; Identity, Grievances, and Political Action: Recent Evidence from the Palestinian Community in Israel, International Political Science Review: "no Arab party has ever been part of an Israeli government coalition"; Freedom House: "No Arab party has ever been formally included in a governing coalition"It is self evident in the definition of Bloc party (politics) - in Hebrew - "מפלגת לווין" (satellite party).Sure - you can source quite easily that each and every satellite list was registered in the registrar as a political party and stood in the elections as a separate legal party.Icewhiz (talk) , 20 December 2018 (UTC)This was discussed in detail by leading Israeli sociologist Shmuel Eisenstadt, who wrote in 1965: "There is the old 'paternalist' participation, evinced in the Arab lists close to Mapai, which are essentially a parliamentary device established to catch the Arab vote with the help of the government machine.Two or three lists exist at most elections and take into account the personal and family feuds and communal divisions of their electorate.

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