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Islam on dating

The Quran directly addresses the matter of polygyny in Chapter 4 Verse 3, "...

Marry of the women that you please: two, three, or four.

The central event in all American-Muslim Weddings will be the Nikah.

This is the actual wedding ceremony, usually officiated by a Muslim cleric, an Imam.

In Islam, polygyny is allowed with certain restrictions; polyandry is not.Muslims in the United States come from many backgrounds, but the largest segment are those from South Asia, Arab countries, and more recently from East Africa.When it comes to Muslim weddings the culture they come from heavily influences the kind of rituals that will take place. African-Americans, Caucasians, Hispanics and others have elements of both local, and Muslim influence.Within these communities, families, friends, and services are used to help people find a significant other.However, in non-Muslim countries, like the United States, there is no universal method for matchmaking or finding a spouse.

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For example, the two most popular wedding dress colors are red and white.

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