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But here’s something you might not know about: Flashing your smile easily makes you insincere.

So instead of doing that, reveal your smile slowly like she’s earned it.

And reading those signals is part of your attraction skills.

You still go your separate ways even if you passed the initial hurdle.

Whatever it is, you can be sure you can get better at it if you have the right source of information.You can still flip that “Maybe” in her mind into a flashing “Yes”.Well, consider this: What do you call someone who looks like a soldier, talks like a soldier but with no soldier skills?You use what you already have to make a favorable impression on her.You won’t need to use any tricks, sneaky tactics, or do anything “weird”.

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all of her signals and it is still your role as “the man” to act on it if you recognize them for what they are — your “green light” to proceed with operation “get the girl”, while avoiding landlines and pitfalls.