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Forget about dinner dating

​I like knowing that the person I’m with can shoot the breeze in a totally unstructured environment.In my experience, the easier the flow, the better the whole relationship is going to fare.And ever since, I made it my mission and it’s my passion to help other single men and women dissolve what’s getting in their way, so they can attract their ideal match. So often we take things that have happened in the past like fears, regrets, not wanting to get hurt again--and insert those things unknowingly into our present -- closing off the future possibilities. We need to clear those things in a real and practical way.Many singles “know” what their fears and issues are—they’ve talked about it with friends, or their therapist—but knowing about it makes no difference.Picture this: You have a date with someone you’re excited about. You are not yet acquainted with their snoring habits, their siblings’ names, or how they take their coffee. Last but not least, there is a question that divides the masses: Which do you prefer — dinner or drinks?​This is where I recently found myself, ​venturing forth to connect with a relative stranger in the least awkward way possible… “When I was dating, I always preferred dinner​ dates​,” Joanna told me. Plus, at dinner, you can talk about the menu, talk about the waiter, there’s a natural rhythm. In these casual times in which we live, I ALWAYS prefer drinks.

Doing more isn’t the answer, but rather “being” is.

​ entering the dating landscape, I have learned many things. Let’s not break bread until I know that I like you.

Chief among them: Before you can think about donning sweatpants in tandem, you have to trudge through a whole lot of awkward. Dinner is awkward — anything that involves chewing ​in the proximity of​ a​n unfamiliar human​ is probably best avoided.

No one interrupted to ask how everything was going or if we’d like to see the dessert menu.

​In the glow of a decrepit jukebox, w​e did, in fact, talk all night.

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I did all of the right things—I went to therapy, attended personal growth seminars and prayed--and even with all of that, my dating and relationship experience didn’t change.

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