Failed updating drac 5 firmware

Posted by / 01-May-2019 18:38

So I've run the SUU and updated everything except the i Drac controller. It's on the version it shipped with which is 1.10.13 (10th Sept 2009!! I'm updating via SSL running: If I try anything newer than 1.30 then it fails with not enough space.

If I try anything earlier I just get "Firmware update operation failed" (helpful eh).

This failed half way though with an error and instructions to reboot.

This appears to have entirely bricked the DRAC card, it no longer responds to the network and both the BIOS and racadm no longer recognize it.

At the moment due to the age of the i Drac firmware I get a connection failure which apparently is due to it not liking any of the modern browsers.

I don't want to install this in our colo without virtual console working.

I'd like to try a 1.11 firmware if anyone has a link to it?

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Visit Stack Exchange We recently tried to upgrade the firmware on a DRAC 5 in a Poweredge 2950 with the latest "Update package for Red Hat Linux" as available here.

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Hi all, I've got an 8 year old Dell R710 which hasn't had any firmware updates since it was new.