Dragons den brett wilson dating

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Dragons den brett wilson dating

I’m also talking about guys like…”In 2001 the day his papers came through on his divorce he received a phone call telling him that he had prostate cancer.

That started a multi-year battle for survival and getting well.

Call this a wakeup call of the sort one hopes to never get, nevertheless it changed Wilson’s life.

Brett Wilson: “I’m convinced that stress could kill you.

Interesting guy indeed and something tells us that he is just getting started.

The gunman was killed and a few law enforcement officers were among the injured.In a poignant and open talk he gave to prostate cancer patients in 2007, Wilson describes many harrowing experiences and procedures he underwent to become cancer free.In the first few years after diagnosis he left no stone unturned in seeking out the best treatment and he did beat the illness. In 2006 as a result of the cancer treatments he experienced a series of reactions including kidney stone attack and serious bladder infections, all this landed him in the hospital’s emergency ward another 8 times.He has also been appointed to the earlier this summer.Yet to the public, he is best known for being a panelist/investor on the CBC TV show Dragons’ Den.

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