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LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL VIRUS; these aspects of learning were examined in light of selected characteristics such as age gender marital status and graduateundergraduate students the study involved all the kenyan students at the university of minnesota including graduate and undergraduate singles and married and those who are enrolled for non degree work adult special students the qualitative method of data collection and data analysis was used the following three qualitative methods were used to collect the data 1 in depth one to one semi structured interviews with all respondents 2 focus group interviews and 3 a demographic form the in depth interviews revealed that the following knowledge and skills had been learned and would be transferred computer technology research skills communication knowledge eg e mail telephones fax etc knowledge on the major area of study logical reasoning leading to critical thinking technical skills interpersonal relations appreciation of other peoples cultures children taught to be independent at an early age students taking jobs while at school the following areas would not be transferred lack of international application of some courses expensive technology separation and divorce and the use of dangerous weapons by adolescents according to the focus group interv. developed nations to learn the technology and return home to implement it abstract shortened by veney cassandra rachel the politics of refugee relief operations in kenya university of missouri columbia phd the magnitude of the number of refugees and their needs pose serious economic and political problems for the host country international community and international aid agencies this study examines the political background of the causes that have forced refugees to flee to kenya it identifies the principal actors involved in refugee relief operations and the major refugee groups in kenya the questions asked center on the political dynamics of refugee relief among the principal actors one major question examined are the recommendations and suggestions for improving refugee relief in kenya as they relate to different groups of refugees and their needs the methodology employed in this study included a combination of personal interviews and personal observations in kenya personal interviews were conducted with representatives of non governmental organizations ngos and refugees in nairobi kenya personal interviews with ngo representatives in the three refugee camps visited were also used personal observations from the refugee camps were also used secondary sources in Kenya And The Us Were Utilized To Obtain Background Information On Kenya And The Refugee Crises Throughout The Horn Of Africa The Research Concludes That The Actors Involved In The Provision Of Refugee Relief In Kenya Have Different Agendas Constituents Resources And Capabilities That Affect How Refugee Policy Is Formulated And Implemented Since The Kenyan Government Is The Principal Actor In Refugee Relief The Other Actors Operate In Kenya Within The Confines Of The Sovereignty Kenya Holds As A Nation State The Kenyan Government Has Used External And Internal Political And Economic Variables To Shape Refugee Policy In An Attempt To Maintain Regime Ole Ronkei Morompi Emerging Communication Strategies In The Press Church Alliance In Kenyan Politics University Of Oregon Phd This Study Examines How The Church And The Press Through Their Communication Activities Independently And Together Worked To Forward The Interest Of A Democratic Government In Kenya Between And When The Country Was A Single Party State By Law In A De Jure One Party State Where Traditional Institutions Of Political Opposition Were Outlawed Or Muzzled Into Silence By The De Facto Government The Church Took On The Extraordinary Role Of Playing Opposition Politics This Political Phenomenonend ..

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