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In other words, my experience of the city usually confirms my initial impressions. I had to fly into the country late; I landed at around pm.

I knew that Paraguay is damn near a third world country, so I prepared for the worst, and I got it.

It was late, I was tired, I had to get up early the next morning for an appointment with my immigration attorneys, and there was an additional two-hour time change meaning I’d be getting up fucking early, and I hadn’t even left the airport yet.

Moreover, I had to listen to the friendly-but-talkative Canadian standing in line behind me bitch about Donald Trump as soon as I identified myself as an American.

If I love it as soon as I see it, I’m probably going to love it even more after a week later when I leave.

Taxi drivers in Asunción are friendly and helpful, but they don’t use GPS at all, and have no concept that you can get there faster if you follow the roads the GPS tells you based on traffic conditions.

(Or maybe they just don’t care.) So I’m watching Google Maps on my phone as the guy takes every wrong street with the most traffic.

I try to explain this to him once, but he doesn’t speak English of course, which is my fault (since I could have learned Spanish before now), but it doesn’t help my mood.

Big, shapely asses, big boobs, wonderful hips, even on small, trim women. Instead of the USA where big butts are unusual and small or flat butts are the norm, here it’s the exact opposite.

Big asses are the norm, and it’s unusual to see a woman who has the typical white-girl small/flat butt.

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So was prepared, but the desk clerk was not, nor were all the other idiot Americans and Canadians I was standing in line with.

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