Dating fender tweed amplifiers

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Dating fender tweed amplifiers

He has every intention of gigging this amp, so the priorities were safety and reliability.

Over the last decade, we have also equipped many Limited Edition amps with various Jensen speakers.Although the Vibrolux cabinet has the same finger-jointed construction and dimensions as a Deluxe, the stock speaker is a 10-inch rather than a 12-inch.At this point, I hadn’t even seen the cabinet, but by all reports it had been subjected to a dodgy re-tweed at some point, and attempts to ‘age’ it resulted in a look that was more milk chocolate than elegant amber.Sometimes, after we have "field tested" a speaker in one of the Limited Edition amps, it can end up being used in regular production.Our Lacquered Tweed Blues Junior started as a limited edition, and is now part of our regular everyday offering.

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It is equipped with the Jensen C12N, which is nice and bright, complimenting the midrange punch of the Blues Junior platform. Our latest addition to the family is the GB Twin Reverb, which we developed with jazz/R&B great George Benson.