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Dating disneyland postcards

I can’t put a year on this, and my copy of Nick Farago’s original WDW card list is buried somewhere in my office (only a few feet away from me to be sure…but it would take a while to dig out!

Over the years I have shared selections from my vintage postcard collection, from Palm Springs to Portland, but I have never shared any of my vintage Disneyland ones! This is the first in what will be a series of five posts, each themed to one of the lands of Disneyland.

I’ve also included a few general Disneyland ones and any that pertain to the Disneyland Railroad.

answered several peoples questions including mine, and they appeared in the email newsletter.

And here is a little bonus…a look at Disneyland’s lost land, Holidayland!

From 1957 to 1961 Disneyland offered Holidayland as a picnic and recreation area, featuring tables, baseball diamond, horseshoe toss, and more.

All of the 19 post marked photo chrome cards have the Flag logo, and most of the 73 and 74 postmarked cards do also. I think that the one card I have from 1973 without a flag logo may have been a new view that year (it is 01110213 FUN ON BAY LAKE) and they may have already figured out at that point the WDW had been promoted enough so most people already knew it was in Florida.

That would explain why the Florida flag logo was phased out after a few years, after all, by that time the folks who were the target audience for WDW would have known the difference.

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This card, 0100-12406, shows an image of Fort Wilderness looking toward the Contemporary Resort and Space Mountain at the Magic Kingdom.