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I want to do that, but this is based off a story you wrote in Vanity Fair. This was a very controversial story, too, at the time. It was really interesting because what you did, and quite correctly, even though people ... I’m like 12.” I was like, “Listen, I just want to make sure. I was like, “Don’t ever speak to women online like this.” It was a ridiculous parenting moment on my part, but in any case it was ... I randomly got assigned a piece about teenage culture. We didn’t say things went viral back then, but it was sort of the same kind of thing. It was called “Prep School Gangsters.” It’s about how hip-hop, the hip-hop generation, was influenced. Some of them were dealing drugs and getting into all kinds of situations. And yet, it was nuanced in the sense that I also saw all of these really interesting connections and relationships being formed. It was sort of shocking, I think, to a lot of people who read it, what was going on. I didn’t really think about it back then, but I was covering kids in technology back then. They were filming themselves fighting and having sex. “Based on” wouldn’t exactly be correct, but it covers the same subject matter. There were a lot of complaints about it, but I didn’t think it was ... I said, “If you treat a girl like this I will break your arm! Not break his arm, but I was like, “If you ever ... It went “viral” in the sense that everybody was talking about it. I love hip-hop music, and I also covered hip-hop artists and nightlife and so forth for Vibe magazine. It was the era of sex tapes — Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee — so it was this new kind of way that ... Took her phone out of her purse and started showing me what it was. I was like, “Oh my goodness, so this is very different.” At that time, Tinder all owed 13- to 17-year-olds to be on the app. Well, they still make fake Facebook profiles and still get on it. There were a lot of young girls, girls really young, like, 13, who were telling me they were on it.

Below, we’ve shared a lightly edited full transcript of Kara’s conversation with Nancy Jo. But I think it’s necessary that as parents we do start talking to our kids, girls and boys, about ... Talk about how you got to here, because you have written a lot about this topic, and you were very early to writing onto it. They were adopting, as kids do, technology earlier than everyone else and using it in ways that then became the way others used it. Also, I was often put on stories when I did celebrity culture that were about youngish celebrities: Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton. Then, I did “The Bling Ring,” which was the story of the teenagers in Los Angeles who robbed celebrities’ homes. And they used technology to find out when the people weren’t home. If you watch Sofia Coppola’s film that she based on my article for Vanity Fair, it was called “The Suspects Wore Louboutins,” she incorporated a lot of these tech images. And the kids are doing it and Mark Zuckerberg’s such a boy genius.” Yeah. ” So that was how the tone of what a lot of it was. I’m not sure that the creators of these platforms really even thought about this. I’m having a large, long debate with Silicon Valley about what they should’ve known and what they didn’t know. They didn’t really think about how it was going to exacerbate misogyny. Cars go faster, airplanes make us go even faster, but when you go faster you have more accidents.” I think the accident that has happened here is this ... When she set out to make her new documentary “Swiped: Hooking Up in the Digital Age,” journalist Nancy Jo Sales says she wanted to humanize the people who used dating apps: These are real people, not just pictures to be swiped left or right on. She found out that they’re also participants in a decades-old psychological experiment.

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Who are suffering from it, but don’t kill themselves or ... The opening scene of that story, “Friends Without Benefits,” is about Tinder. She was just going to go on Tinder and have sex with somebody, lose her virginity to get over it, get over her feelings.

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