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The gourmet plunge to the spherical, futuristic-looking restaurant called “Pearl’ is about a five meters (16 feet) dip.

When the craving for nostalgia is high, head to Le Cirio on La Bourse.

A knock on the door will let guys—women usually aren’t allowed—into this intimate weekend establishment where the bar counter doubles as a podium.

Gay in both the modern and the old sense of the word, Chez Maman celebrates occasions such as Halloween with special themed shows and great fervor. Over the course of more than 20 years, the Marolles institution has built a reputation for steady excellence, easily attracting the biggest DJs and the most dedicated melomaniacs to Brussels’s old working man’s quarter.

These golden oldies are frequented mainly by locals, making the street a top-notch opportunity for a pub crawl the old Brussels way.

and her girls never fail to entertain, as is well known by frequenters of this iconic drag bar.

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Once per month, there’s La Démence, a huge, mostly shirtless gay party that’s been part of the ride since the beginning.

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