Dating an old house

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If you live in a listed building you will likely already have gleaned some basic information from the list description which gives the best estimate of the date of your house as well as indicating why it is listed.

However, list descriptions can be very brief and it is worth remembering that most listed buildings were not surveyed extensively externally, or usually at all inside, at the time of listing.

Regional differences in materials and construction also come into play.

New features such as When trying to establish a date for a property from primary sources it is often easiest to work backwards.Dwellings make up by far the largest proportion of listed and historic properties and while houses older than the 15th century are relatively rare, those from the late 16th century onwards survive in significant numbers.The more you know and understand your own home, the more you will appreciate its value, admire its quirks and make appropriate changes that respect its history when renovating.With this particular time period in architecture the subtleties make all the difference.Construction techniques and early design aesthetics often took time to reach areas of the country as the styles usually originated from London and migrated out.

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