Dating agencies for people with learning disabilities

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Originally known as “Stars in the Sky Yorkshire”, the service was developed further by Hft with the help of local funding and now has over 150 members, operates in six different local authority areas, and is set to continue growing Activities take place in local communities and are supported by up to 50 volunteers who are vital to the success of the initiative.Anyone interested in becoming a member or volunteer can visit the L2MU website or telephone 01924 229120.He started by telling me what made him and his wife consider setting up a special online service for disabled clients.“The idea came to us in 2015 because we were already operating a dating agency and the current director of this agency for disabled people came to us to find a partner.

It is not just : here is someone’s profile –do you like it or not? It is about who you are where you want to be in a year’s time or in two years.It is all up to you, you have to set your mind to it.” How do you know that you algorithm is better than anyone else’s? “I found my wife over the Internet so we have personal experience with online dating agencies and maybe that was the starting point that led us to this business – the fact that we discovered something was missing on these dating sites.We have studied many of them here and abroad and analyzed all the areas that were taken into consideration, and the results of the criteria used.He asked if we also catered to disabled people and we said yes we do, but then we found that there were various problems and issues that disabled people face and we thought it would be a great idea if they had a dating agency specially tailored to meet those needs and find love.” So this person came to you to find a partner but was not successful because of his disability?“He was successful at the end of the day, but through the process we discovered all the problems that people with disabilities face when looking for a partner.” Like rejection?

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