Datagrid rowupdating not firing

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Datagrid rowupdating not firing

For a column that owns the currently processed cell, use the Custom Column Data Event Args. To identify the row, use the Custom Column Data Event Args. List Source Row Index or Custom Column Data Event Args. If you need to get or set specific cell values while handling the Custom Unbound Column Data event, use methods provided by the bound data source. All was workin fine b4 I added the Update Panel and Content Template.The Script Manager is in the Master Page Please help me.... When I am putting a new value in, it is updating, but it isn't updating the new value, just the old one that is already there. You are currently viewing the Ajax section of the Wrox Programmer to Programmer discussions.In this project, you can perform all supported operations with Grid View, such as sorting/deleting/adding records, and the unbound column will display proper values. This is because values of the ID column are used as key values. Unbound Expression property to specify and unbound expression.

These features are still supported for unbound columns that are populated with expressions (see Grid Column. Assume that the Grid Control is bound to a table that contains the "Quantity", "Unit Price" and "Discount" columns. If this were a datagrid I'd be looking for the autopostback="true", but this control doesn't appear to have anything like that. I'm not sure if this was necessary or not, but I added: [Code]....I have a gridview that I'm trying to update the Date something is corrected in the database. The event's Row and List Source Row Index parameters allow you to identify the current data row. To get values in a specific row in the data source, you can use the Get List Source Row Cell Value method or methods provided by row objects. String End Sub Private Sub grid View1_Custom Unbound Column Data(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As Dev Express.

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