Consolidating domains

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Consolidating domains

How did it affect your users (I understand that it if you use the Active Directory Migration Tool, it keeps a SID history and thus would help with permissions), group policy, computers, etc.?

Let me know if you need more information as this is a first for me. These are old 20 domain controllers that only have a few 100 objects in their domain.

About Radiant Logic As the market-leading provider of federated identity systems based on virtualization, Radiant Logic delivers simple, logical, and standards-based access to all identity within an organization.

The Radiant One federated identity service enables customizable identity views built from disparate data silos, driving critical authentication and authorization decisions for WAM, federation, and cloud deployments.

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The need for complex sync logic and connections grows with the number of domains.

Since Windows Azure AD requires a flat list of unique users without duplicates, many companies must perform complex correlations to create this unified list.

Now companies can federate identity to streamline their infrastructure, feed ADFS, and provision Saa S applications, such as Office 365.Fortune 1000 companies, including General Electric, Wells Fargo, Monsanto, NBC Universal Media, and Intel, rely on Radiant One to deliver quick ROI by reducing administrative effort, simplifying integration, and building a flexible infrastructure to meet changing business demands. Is it better to have a single stronger domain and rank higher globally but to get it you would need to venture into areas of your organisation that have nothing to do with you, or to keep existing processes unaffected and not interfere with other teams’ work? In medium to large size businesses, individual divisions often create microsites themselves.According to Radiant Logic co-founder and CEO, Michel Prompt: “Azure AD is a game-changer for companies looking to extend their investments into the cloud and we’re delighted to strengthen our longstanding relationship with the Microsoft platform by offering complete synchronization between the common global identity created by Radiant One Federated Identity Service and Microsoft’s Azure AD.” Unifying Identity with Radiant One Federated Identity Service Sizable enterprises rely on Radiant One to empower their Active Directory (AD) consolidation efforts, providing a unified identity that simplifies cloud access and provisioning, as well as enabling faster application onboarding and simpler M&A integrations.Radiant One makes it easy for companies to unify identity across their entire infrastructure, providing the global view of identity required by any identity provider (Id P), and enabling single sign-on with essential software-as-a-service (Saa S) apps.

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