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Either way, the real cost of playing that 30-minute gig has been extremely steep.Now, the singer is profusely apologizing for the decision.Sam Moore of soul legends Sam & Dave, who just completed his Trump performance on Thursday evening, may also have given similar treatment.But despite the late-stage announcement, Michele fans were overwhelmingly vocal and irate.

Actually, that performance fee may have been as high as 0,000, depending on which rumor you believe.

After disclosing the gig, rumors circulated that the singer was paid 0,000 to play the show (her manager hasn’t responded to DMN).

In Chrisette Michele’s private Twitter hell, the singer was accosted for selling out, supporting a racist, and dishonoring black history.

Fans quickly alienated the singer, especially after learning about a 0,000 payday. I go into the studio and literally poured out my heart and soul and the label decides to walk away from me?

It’s one thing to be a strong black woman, it’s another thing to be a strong black woman who has to fight against the worst odds.

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And she regrets the fallout and nastiness that followed her performance.