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She also called the people who owned the land, the Mc Jannet family.At the time, John Mc Jannet thought there must be a logical explanation for Fertuck's absence. "There was no place where you could see that somebody would have fought," said Mc Jannet.During the day, the pit is briefly visible from the highway as the road winds down into the valley; it disappears out of view as drivers ascend the other side.Eight-metre-high mounds of gravel surround the pit, and it's far enough away from the road that anyone driving by would really have to be looking to make out a person or a vehicle.Darren Sorotski did not respond to CBC's requests for an interview.

Read what is known about suspected murder victim Sheree Fertuck, her detailed history with the man accused in her death Dec. In a Saskatchewan farmhouse behind a small cluster of trees, surrounded by fields of prairie farmland, Sheree Fertuck sat down for lunch with her mom, Juliann Sorotski. After the meal, Fertuck walked back to her semi-trailer parked outside and pulled herself up into the driver's seat.Police searched the last two places where Fertuck was seen: the farmhouse and the pit. Overnight, the weather turned and a light layer of snow covered the semi and the surface of the gravel pit.Sorotski called her son Darren to help search the area.Three and a half years later, people in the community still didn't know what became of Sheree Fertuck.But this past June, despite the absence of a body, the police finally put forth their theory. For urban dwellers in Saskatchewan, Kenaston is just another grouping of houses off the main highway between the province's largest cities, Saskatoon and Regina.

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"I didn't go out and look [for her] that night, because I don't like going out at night. She had Fertuck's dog with her and almost immediately the animal "started to whine and cry because he recognized her truck." The semi was abandoned, with Fertuck's coat, keys and cellphone still inside.