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Carol alt dating tennis player

Unfortunately, it must not have ended well, because when she started dating Dion Phaneuf, her current fiance, Avery called her his "sloppy seconds." I'm sure Dion liked that a whole lot. Maybe I had somehow heard one of her pop songs on the radio or seen her in one of her movies or TV shows.Alyssa Milano is most famous for dating baseball players, but apparently she gave hockey players a try out back in the day, too. A journeyman defenseman named Wayne Mc Bean who played for the Kings from 1987 to 1989. Or maybe I heard about her when she married American hockey legend Mike Modano back in 2007. Well, he is—to the gorgeous tennis player and fellow Russian Maria Kirilenko. First I wondered, wow, is the biggest looks mismatch in sports history?

(She looks plenty focused to me.) Olivia Munn wasn't a hockey WAG for long.

So who was the lucky hockey player who got to date this beauty?

None other than the most hated man in the NHL: Sean Avery. Sean Avery isnt' the most hated man in the NHL–because right now he's in the AHL.

Because he also dated (or at least hooked up with) the next beauty on our list...

Yep, Wayne Gretzky's uninhibited daughter apparently "became friends" during last year's playoff run.

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