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Cali colombia dating

This is one of those spots where you never can really be sure what a girls intentions are when you are hitting on her.Another important note is you should never leave your drink unattended.If you want to pick up Cali girls interested in sex with foreign men that area will be La Sexta, sometimes referred to as Avenida 6 or, 6th Street, or 6th Avenue.Any of those will get the point across, and depending on what site you are reading you might see it called any of those or other names.This is definitely the main nightlife and party street in town.You can find so many restaurants, pick up bars, nightclubs, and places to salsa dance that you don’t really have much need to ever leave.A nice bar district like this makes this city one of the best for meeting girls in this country.Some of the sexy ladies of the night on La Sexta party street will be hookers, but there will also be a lot of non pros as well.

If you want to go to some late night discos outside of the touristy area head to Menga where there are quite a few.This is a much better spot for nightlife, but its not terrible during the day either. For how big of a city this is there aren’t as many nice malls as you might expect, but there are enough.Girls are always more comfortable getting approached in a mall then they are on the street, and Colombian girls are pretty easy to approach and hand out their number like candy. Unfortunately though getting a girls number here doesn’t mean much of anything.This post on picking up single girls in Cali, Colombia for casual sex or a serious relationship should have all the info you need.So many guys are traveling here these days, and of course one of the reasons why is you can find some of the hottest women on the planet here.

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There are so many places to choose from and each can be great.