Brody jenner and avril lavigne dating 2016

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Taken together all three symbols represent Avril’s September 27th birthday — Libra is her star sign, air is the element associated with Libra, and Venus is the ruling planet for Libra.The Venus symbol is of course also used as a symbol for women, but that does not seem to be why Avril chose it.It’s surrounded by colorful stars and sprinkles and a Hello Kitty bow.

Avril Lavigne covered-up the skull and crossbones tattoo on her left arm with a cupcake, though the skull is still visible through it.

The double chevrons « » are known as guillemets and are used as quotation marks in some languages.

These symbols have also caught on in tattoo culture with the supposed meaning “create your own reality.” It is claimed to be a viking symbol, however there is no documentation of this usage.

Avril Lavigne got this gothic-style cross tattoo on her left wrist from artist Michael Kortez in November 2017.

She doesn’t seem to be actively involved with any particular religion, but she does believe in God.

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She visited artist Michael Kortez in November 2017 to fill in some of the spaces on her left forearm.

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