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You have to admit this is a beauty – I guess that is subjective but it is to me! The shank ahead of the band was discoloured from the brass ferrule and the ferrule itself had a lot of cracks in surface all around. I quote a pertinent part of the blog below: From my reading and research it seems to me that C. Again, turning to Bill Feuerbach I found that he notes the following, which pins down the time frame of the discontinuation of the brand more specifically, “I have a C. I scrubbed the briar with Before & After Briar Cleaner.

The bowl was raw briar and totally looked new and unused. brand earlier on the blog and include the link to that here ( brand was discontinued sometime in the 1910-1920 range. Chesterfield in our office display that has a nametag from way before my time that says 1900 C. I aligned the “hallmarks” with the gold stamping on the left side of the shank.

I let the balm sit for a little while and then buffed with a cotton cloth to raise the shine. This is little chubby billiard with a classic shape that reminds me of some of the older Peterson’s Sraight billiards that I have restored.

Then I pull up my legs and wrap my arms around my knees with my cloak tugged close, mimicking a stark, red iceberg floating among the royals.

pipes that the pipe was from the time period of the 1910s and before 1920, which also made it attractive to me. I took photos of the pipe as it looked on the table. The stem was in excellent condition – no oxidation. I rubbed it into the surface of the briar ahead of the ferrule and around the shank and bowl.

The stamping on the left side of the shank read Chesterfield in an arch over the C. I worked it into the surface of the briar with my fingertips to clean, enliven and protect it. Many of the shapes, bands and stems have the kind of workmanship involved that I really think there is truth to this story.

My friends’ laughter drifting out from the parlor farther down tells me which room to enter.

Four princesses are seated around a neat, white coffee table with morning tea in delicate china cups before them.

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