Book about christian dating dating events that happen

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Book about christian dating

Whether readers are or have been single for years or find themselves newly single, whether they are happy or unhappy in that state, ONE LIKE JESUS offers encouragement, support, and practical suggestions for leading a rich, full life.

By Roberta Rand This book has been a real breath of fresh air.

By Harold Ivan Smith In a book proudly celebrating singleness in a "couples world", Harold Smith suggests 51 specific ways to live a richer and more satisfying life as a single person. By Michael Cavanaugh The book made me cry time and again as I recognized my selfish attitudes about my singleness.

He offers biblical teaching on taking advantage of every opportunity for happiness. I now realize that being single is a unique opportunity to get to know God better, free from distractions.

By Holly Virden and Michelle Mc Kinney Hammond When it comes to singleness, Holly Virden and Michelle Mc Kinney Hammond have been there, done that.

These two amazing women dont regard the single life as a cross to bear, but rather an amazing opportunity to take advantage of all life has to offer and to discover their God-ordained purpose.

By Dana Anders, Chris Conti, Nathan Clement, Lana Trent Can you really be single and content? Single and Content, instead, offers candid conversation about the authors' own lives as singles and intersperses first-hand stories gathered from Christian music artists such as Avalon, Rich Mullins, Heather Floyd from Point of Grace, and Jeff Frankenstein from the Newsboys, all addressing the issues of singleness.

Your season of singleness can be one of great richness, focus, and fulfillment in God. This book's format is good for both small group use and personal devotions. adult population is single, most books written for singles focus on how to find a mate.Saturday nights, your birthday, work, new apartments, "Mr. Best of all, each meditation is based on Scripture. Norman Wright Single Purpose, a one-of-a-kind devotional written especially for single men and women, reminds you that while you may be single, you're not alone.Amid the stress and pressures of life, this book will give you a moment to draw on the strength of the Lord. Christian singles struggle with these issues every day.And for those of you who, like me, thought it was a book for people who expect to remain single for the rest of their lives, it is not.

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Their obsession to lose the "single" label may rob them of His richest gifts.