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And what’s interesting about Truth or Dare is that it’s never the same twice depending upon the group dynamic: e.g., how many people are present; what the gender mix is; how well everyone knows each other, and so on.

No genitals are allowed into the equation, but in this option you must kiss, lick, and stroke another player’s body, from top to bottom, for a full five minutes. [Read: 10 naughty sex games for couples to feel really horny in no time] Obscene: not for the weak-hearted! In this challenge, you are tied up for five minutes, spread-eagled, for the rest of the group to do what they want to you.

Well, unless your swinging proclivities go to same sex relations, of course!

20 dirty dares with a naughty twist If you’re looking for something pervy and horny, try this list of 30 dirty truth or dare questions.

With this in mind, the following list of twenty sample dares, all open to adaptation, attempts to readdress the balance; split into the four categories of sensual, naughty, dirty, and obscene.

[Read: 8 fun, flirty games for your naughty house party] #1 The humble kiss.

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