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– He, along with Zico have produced all of Block B’s albums.

– Because of his long face he has been called “Cucumber“ or “Carrot“. – Education: Attending Hanrim Entertainment Arts High School – Specialties: Composing, rapping – He was actually eliminated during the group’s first official audition.

– Daehyun’s ideal type is someone like Shin Saimdang. – He audited for JYP together with BTS’s J-Hope and Halo’s Dino. – On February 18, 2019 his contact with TS Entertaining ended, and he won’t renew. – His hobbies are listen to music/ dancing – His favorite color is Black.

– Youngjae is friends with JB from GOT7 and with Sungjae from Bto B. (They became very close during their trainee days.) – Youngjae revealed that he and BTS’s Jin, BTOB‘s Eunkwang and VIXX’s Ken are in a gaming crew, called “The Strongest Idol” and Youngjae is the leader. – His chores in the dorm is to keep everything organized. – In March 2019, he announced that he has signed under a new agency and debuted as a solo artist in April 2019. – Education: Hanlim Arts High School – He was a trainee for 1.5 years.

(“Lee Guk Joo’s Young Street”) – His hobbies are listening to music and sleeping. – Youngjae’s ideal type is someone who likes him a lot. – He’s known for being the most awkward in the band.

Block B Members Profile: Block B Facts; Block B Ideal Type Block B (블락비) currently consists of: Zico, Taeil, B-Bomb, Jaehyo, U-Kwon, Kyung, and P. Leader Zico left the company on November 23, 2018, however according to Seven Seasons the future of the band as a 7-members band is still under discussions.

– Zico studied at the Dong-Ah Institute of Media and Arts University (between 2013 -2015). – U-Kwon thinks Zico has the most fangirls of Block B.

The band debuted on April 13, 2011, under Stardom Entertainment. – On November 7, 2014, Zico released his official solo debut single entitled “Tough Cookie” featuring the rapper Don Mills – He, along with Kyung have produced all of Block B’s albums.

In 2013, they left their agency and signed with Seven Seasons. – He has an older brother, Woo Taewoon, who was a former member of idol group Speed. – Hobbies: Shopping, reading, watching American comedies – He is obsessed with Hello Kitty.

– B-Bomb trained together with INFINITE members under Woollim Ent before.

– He participated in the TV show “Battle of Shinhwa“. – Sub-unit: Bastarz – B-Bomb’s ideal type: ” – He was born in Busan, South Korea. – According to the other members, he showers the fastest.

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As of February 18, 2019 all the remaining member contracts have been terminated and they won’t be renewed. – On February 18, 2019 his contact with TS Entertaining ended, and he won’t renew. – Daehyun was born in Gwangju then later moved to Busan. – Education: Nataraja Academy in Busan – He was a trainee for a total of 2 years and trained with the group for about 7 months. – In the dorm he used to share a room with Zelo, but he left the dorm and lives on his own now. P were a family he’d be the mom (he insists that’s his role, not Him Chan’s). He also said he’d like a girl who shares his interest in anime. – He wants his fan girls to call him “Oppa” even though he is younger than most of them. – His hobbies are listening to music, writing lyrics, skateboarding, beatboxing – Zelo graduated from SOPA in 2015, he was schoolmates with Joy (Red Velvet), Yerin (GFriend) and Hayoung (APink).

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